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TensionPro Product Range

Reliable high quality products

Find out about our range of hydraulic tensioners and design solutions for different applications. Our standard tools are available from stock for quick delivery. We also offer a fast turnaround on special designs to meet specific requirements.

Complete bolting technology support

Speak to one of our engineers about how we can support your bolted joint requirements from design calculations and equipment compliance through to bolt load measurement. We also provide a complete tool repair, refurbishment and upgrade service.

Standard Tensioners

TENSIONPRO Standard tensioners

TensionPro HTS series standard range tensioners are versatile and reliable hydraulic tensioners suitable for all bolting applications. Optimised for top-side applications, they are perfect for tightening ANSI, ASME and API flanges.

HTS hydraulic tensioners are quick and simple to use. Installed by hand in minutes, multiple tools are harnessed together to give improved speed for the bolt tightening process. The even joint compression ensures uniform bolt loading and gasket compression, giving superior bolted joint performance.

  • CE Marked
  • Over-stroke protection
  • Max stroke indicator
  • Pressure test certification
  • Full colour operating and safety manual
  • Long life performance
  • Latest technology
  • Latest seal technology
  • High cycle life
  • Optimised load to weight ratio
  • Integrated system with TensionPro pumps and hoses
  • In stock for quick delivery

Hydraulic nuts

TENSIONPRO Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic nuts replace existing hexagon nuts to give accurate and uniform bolt load to any bolted joint. Using multiple hydraulic nuts on a bolted joint gives a better uniform bolt load across all bolts, which greatly improves the integrity of the joint. Designed to be as compact as possible, TensionPro hydraulic nuts generate high bolt loads in small space envelopes.

Hydraulic nuts are widely used in many industries including power generation, oil and gas, mining and general industrial applications.

TensionPro hydraulic nuts are available in a versatile range of types and sizes. The nuts are made from high strength low-alloy steel and ARMOURMAX protected for long life protection. Stainless steel versions are available for use in corrosive environments.

Hydraulic nuts are quick and easy to install and offer improved speed in assembly and disassembly of the bolted joint over traditional loading methods.

TensionPro hydraulic nuts can be custom made for any thread size from M8 to M400 and for any load requirement. Our standard ranges of top collar nuts and bearing mounting nuts are available for quick delivery. Bottom collar nuts, shim-type nuts and hollow bore type jacking nuts are all available on request.

Base foundation tensioners


Base series tensioners are designed to meet specific requirements for tightening foundation bolts. They are versatile and reliable hydraulic bolt tensioners suitable for high load, tight space applications, and for variable and extended stud protrusions often relevant to wind turbine foundation bolt applications.

Optimised for use on wind turbines they have been designed for long-life, low-maintenance use, and are suitable for use on single bolts, or grouped together for multiple tightening of bolted joints.

Base tensioners are extensively used for crane slewing rings, and foundation bolting on many types of civil construction projects such as bridge building.

Safe and reliable, Base series foundation tensioners feature the latest technology.
  • Latest seal technology
  • High cycle life
  • Optimised load to weight ratio
  • Integrated system with TensionPro pumps and hoses
  • Special threads
  • Special load requirements
  • Twin or single port
  • Protective handle
  • Special bridge for tight clearance
  • Gear drive nut run-down
  • Spring piston return
  • Misalignment compensation
  • Special anti-corrosion, antiwear surface finish
In stock for quick delivery

Sonar ultrasonic measurement


The Sonar ultrasonic time-of-flight (TOF) measurement device measures, displays, stores and transfers bolt load and elongation data in a new, single purpose unit. The unit uses a rugged, sealed color touch screen for easy operator use. The measurement system is a hybrid technique, using the best of both analogue and digital signal processing techniques for fast signal acquisition and precise single shot TOF measurement.

The intuitive software has been developed specifically for the bolting industry, with input from the most experienced users and electronic developers in the bolt tightening industry. Easy to use and quick verification of your bolt preload.

  • CE marked
  • Light and rugged case
  • 179x179x45mm – 1.5 kg
  • Colour, sunlight readable, touch display
  • IP44 rated
  • Real time signal tracking
  • Secure data collection, password protected
  • Flexible and programmable data storage
  • Real time echo trace stored with each reading
  • Fast charger and USB charge options
  • Fully customisable
  • Available from stock for quick delivery