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Bolted joint integrity should be an integral part of every refinery, petrochemical, production, process, or other industrial-complex facilities’ operations. Bolted joint integrity ensure mechanical and structural integrity of bolted joints through the deliberate and sequential implementation of steps and standards when creating processes and procedures, as they relate to bolted joint integrity.

By implementing current bolted joint integrity standards and the best practices needed to standardise the bolted joint integrity management systems, one can ensure leak free, structurally secure, and/or asset optimisation throughout the lifecycle of the bolted joint.

Upskill your team to ensure:

  • Safe Operation
  • Bolted Joint Integrity
  • Long term service of tooling
  • Higher productivity and efficiency

Tailored Modules:

  • Customised Content

  • Focus on Industry

  • Incorporate Specific Standards

  • Basic Maintenance Training

Theoretical and Practical courses with Completion Certificates Issued upon course completion.

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Training in Burkina Faso
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